Contracting Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Projects in Africa.

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The goal is to understand the competitive landscape for large infrastructure projects in Africa; identify key challenges confronting African contractors in accessing these opportunities; and undertake a baseline study with findings feeding into the development of strategic capacity, technical assistance, and advocacy programmes to unlock the market and promote African participation in large-scale African infrastructure projects. The study will be an important first step to provide a better understanding of the African EPC environment, in the hope that these findings will inform the broad scope of Afreximbank’s targeted interventions, while at the same time offering policy makers adequate insight to guide policy formulation aimed at training African contractors.

The rest of the paper is organized as follows: section two provides high-level, stylized facts about Africa’s construction market; section three discusses the survey, including its findings; section four focuses on conclusions and recommendations emanating from the survey; and section five summarizes the limitations of the survey and the way forward.