Trade & Project Financing

Afreximbank offers a range of financing programmes, solutions and advisory services to support the expansion, diversification, promotion and development of intra- and extra-African trade and trade development projects.

Afreximbank’s trade and project financing initiatives positively impacts trade and economic development across the African continent through activities centered on the main strategic pillars of its fifth Strategic plan:

  • Intra-African Trade, which comprises promotion of intra-African trade in manufactures and facilitation of effective participation of African entities in the continent’s extractive industries;
  • Industrialisation and Export Development, which includes financing for expanding capacity to support higher levels of activity in the continent’s manufacturing and agro-processing sector; promotion of export diversification through supporting service exports; and support for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in export supply chains through factoring to drive down credit costs and increase competitiveness;
  • Trade-Enabling Infrastructure, which supports intra-African trade and industrialisation in Africa; and
  • Trade Finance Leadership, which encompasses support to member countries adversely affected by global shocks.

As the trade finance bank for Africa, Afreximbank is the continent’s ‘go to’ enabler for trade and project financing.