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The Afreximbank Policy Research Working Paper Series publishes research in the areas of development economics, trade and trade finance with relevance to the development of the African continent. APRWPS seeks to publish research that showcases high-level theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented studies and to further stimulate debate and inform policy on Africa’s economic development. Furthermore, papers from a multidisciplinary perspective and which may be directly or indirectly related to the development of African economies are equally welcome.

In this regard, the Department of Research and International Cooperation is inviting authors to submit Articles for consideration by the Editorial Committee. All articles are welcome provided they deal with issues central to APRWPS’s objectives as spelt out above.

Articles must be between 8500 and 11500 words in length and must be submitted electronically using the below form.

For full details regarding scope, manuscript preparation and submission guidelines please refer to  Guide for authors

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