Trade Information & Advisory

The Advisory and Capital Markets (ACMA) team serves as the investment banking arm of the Bank and has four distinct business lines that assist clients in accessing African markets. These are: Sovereign Advisory, Corporate Advisory, Capital Markets and Trade Information Services. ACMA products and services are tailored to suit client needs and priced according to the scope of the work involved.

Sovereign Advisory

Under the Sovereign Advisory line, ACMA provides the following services:

  • Privatization;
  • Assistance in the process of assets disposal;
  • Short and long-term debt management;
  • Budgetary policy and foreign exchange management;
  • Liquidity support; and
  • Investment management.

Corporate Advisory

Under Corporate Advisory, ACMA provides the following services:

  • Financial restructuring;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Structuring of strategic partnerships;
  • Assistance in divestment and unbundling processes;
  • Financial modelling, corporate valuation, investment pack and data room set up;
  • Development/refinement of growth or expansion strategy; and
  • Management of approach to investors, financiers, independent consultants, auditors etc.

Capital Markets

Under Capital Markets, ACMA provides the following services:

  • Debt Capital Market
    • Mezzanine/structured debt
    • Senior loans/refinancing
    • Project bond insurance
    • Bonds
  • Equity Capital Market
    • Buyout capital
    • Expansion finance
    • IPOs

Trade Information Services

The Trade Information Services business line provides strategic intelligence and decision support to importers and exporters, export trading companies (ETCs) and export development agencies (EDAs) seeking to enter or expand existing capabilities in Africa through a range of integrated trade intelligence solutions.

Standardized trade and market intelligence products will soon be disseminated on a subscription basis.

These will include:

  • Formal trade data;
  • Country briefs;
  • Sector briefs;
  • African currency outlooks;
  • Commodity outlooks; and
  • Trade policy updates.

Bespoke products are delivered via a direct business consulting model and include:

  • Proprietary data collection and analysis;
  • Market entry strategies;
  • Market and product sizing;
  • New product development;
  • Export capacity and growth analysis;
  • Market risk analysis; and
  • Competitor analysis.