Trade Finance Intermediaries (TFI’s)

Afreximbank Trade Finance Intermediaries

Selection of Afreximbank Trade Finance Intermediaries

Afreximbank selects Trade Finance Intermediaries (TFIs) through which it will deliver its services.

The TFIs are a critical part of Afreximbank’s operating model and are an important channel through which the Bank services the numerous and diverse groups of eligible exporters and importers in the African continent and beyond. Selected TFIs are the only entities eligible to act as Local Administrative Agents for Afreximbank facilities.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for selection as an Afreximbank TFI, entities must:

  • Be creditworthy entities in Afreximbank participating states (states that have acceded to/ratified the Bank Establishment Agreement) and can be Central Banks, commercial & merchant banks, export trading companies or export houses, national export credit agencies (including EXIM banks), national/regional development financial institutions and regional financial institutions;
  • Be seen to identify with the bank’s strategy and passion for Africa’s development;
  • For rated entities, have a minimum rating of “Investment Grade” from a reputable rating agency (such as a minimum of “BBB-” from Standard and Poor›s; or “Baa3” from Moody’s, for international ratings; or a minimum local rating of “BBB+” from an international or Africa-based rating agency acceptable to Afreximbank);
  • For entities with no external rating, meet internal rating requirements based on Afreximbank’s internal rating methodology; and
  • Meet minimum financial performance and other requirements.