Afreximbank supports ART X Lagos, West Africa’s premier international art fair

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Lagos, Nigeria, 18 November 2022 – African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) was delighted to sponsor Art X Lagos 2022, West Africa’s premier international art fair showcasing the best and most innovative contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora.

The Bank’s participation included hosting a visual art exhibition entitled “What Shall We Name These Rivers?”, which addressed the broader theme of art across borders, and constituted an imagining of Africa’s extraordinary potential, should the free flow of people and ideas be embraced across the continent.

Afreximbank also sponsored five artists, each hailing from the continent’s different regions, to symbolize both the diversity and shared values which belong to Africa. These artists were Sungi Mlengeya (Tanzania) representing East Africa, Lulama Wolf (South Africa) representing Southern Africa, Monica de Miranda (Angola) representing Central Africa, Ibrahim Khatab (Egypt) representing  North Africa, and Thierry Oussou (Benin) , representing West Africa. Previously, the Bank had sponsored four artists, each representing a constituent region of Africa.

ART X Lagos was founded in 2016 by Tokini Peterside and has quickly established itself as a cornerstone of the African art sector.  Since its inaugural year, the fair has grown to host galleries and artists from over 30 countries, and has earned an international reputation for its ambitious, varied programme, which includes “ART X Talks” (a lively panel discussion series), “ART X Live” (a showcase featuring collaborations between some of the fastest-rising artists and musicians on the African continent), and most recently, “Art Across Borders”, a four-part mini-series, exclusively sponsored by Afreximbank.

At this year’s Lagos fair, the Bank was represented by Mr. Stephen T. Kauma, Director & Global Head, Human Resources and Ms. Samallie Kiyingi, Director, Legal Services, Ms. Doreen Nambafu, RA- Human Resources and Ms. Precious Mhone, Afreximbank Art Program Project Manager. Ms Samallie Kiyingi gave a speech during the event opening ceremony on Friday 4th November 2022 at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.

In her speech, Ms. Kiyingi highlighted Afreximbank’s wider role in supporting Africa’s creative sector, including championing the visual arts, through CANEX and the Afreximbank Art Programme.

The fair coincided with  a strategy formulation meeting of the Afreximbank Art Programme Working Group, which was formed to support the Bank’s emerging status as one of Africa’s most important creative industry patrons and a key player in the continent‘s creative economy.