Request for Proposals: Consultant(s) to develop and Administer the Afreximbank External Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019.

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One of the key objectives of AFREXIMBANK’s Fifth Strategic Plan, “Impact 2021-Africa Transformed” is Improving Stakeholder Satisfaction. The broad universe of the Bank’s stakeholders is defined to include shareholders, staff members, corporate and institutional clients, lenders, investors and other strategic partners.  The Bank’s external clients are a key component of the stakeholders and are critical for the Bank in the achievement of its strategic objectives. It is important for the Bank to continuously engage its clients, in order to understand their needs and interests, resolve any service challenges and identify new business opportunities. Such information and feedback is important to the Bank as it consistently seeks to offer its clients improved services and innovative products. This is in line with the Bank’s objective of being “Customer- Centric”. For this purpose, the Bank is requesting proposals from Consultants to develop and administer its External Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2019.


  1. The Request for Proposal document contains all the information necessary and can be downloaded from here ( Afreximbank External Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019).
  2. The Proposals (Technical and Financial) are accepted no later than 1500hrs (CAT) on 06 June 2019 and should be delivered via email to Dr. Robert Ochola, Global Head & Director- Strategy and Innovation Department < >and Mr. Best Doroh, Senior Specialist, Strategy and Business Planning <  >


Please feel free to contact Dina Kamaly, Team Support – Strategy & Business Planning ( if you have any questions, or need additional information.


AFREXIMBANK looks forward to receiving your proposal and thank you in advance for your interest in providing services to AFREXIMBANK.